La Serenata

What couples better than than food and music? Music to one’s ears should be complemented with flavours for your tastebuds in order to reach an epic stage of satisfaction. For some, enjoying food… Continue reading


The one and only stop. Over. Some say that when travelling great distance, whether out of necessity or on a quest to discovery, the halts that one take may end up being as… Continue reading

Queue de Cheval @ 1234

1, 2, 3, 4 … Q The « Q » as in the brand new Queue de Cheval, has moved and will re-open on August 22, 2012. Straight from the horses mouth … After 16 years in business.… Continue reading

Moosoo Sushi

In search for an authentic non commercial sushi restaurant, you will not be disappointed by sitting down at Mooso Sushi. Tucked into a humble strip mall on St-Jean boulevard in the West Island, if you do… Continue reading


A Verse could be a metrical line in poetry which comes in many forms: rhymed, blank and free. Verses is a culinary establishment which provides a menu which comes in many forms: brunch,… Continue reading


AIX at YUL When you are from the Nouvelle-France, more specifically Ville-Marie, AIX is associated with one of Old Montreal’s nicest restaurant, tucked under the lower level of the Place d’Armes Hotel. Despite… Continue reading

La Verita

The truth of gastronomy. Truth has a variety of meanings: honesty, authenticy, genuineness, in accord with fact, reality and sincerity in action or character. In Roman mythology, Veritas is the goddess of truth,… Continue reading


Elixir, used for healing purposes, when taken orally, cures one’s ills. “Medicated” elixirs, with alcohol as an active ingredient, include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangria, Porto, Champagne, Martini, Cocktail and International beer. “Non-medicated” elixirs,… Continue reading


Ελούντα in Greek, Elounda is a small fishing town on the northern coast of the island of Crete. On this side of the hemisphere, Elounda is a mediterranean restaurant on the northern side… Continue reading


Two simple letters … various meanings. When associated with a type of distilled brandy, named after a town in France, which bares the same name, it is cognac. XO cognac as in Extra Old cognac.… Continue reading


Replacing Vauvert, this restaurant has maintained the European flair of its predecessor with a twist. Looking east … towards the Balkans. The etymology means storage house or warehouse, specifically stockpiling corn in a… Continue reading

La Coupole

When glitzy and impressive meets comfortable and elegant, the end result is La Coupole. Inside the Crystal Hotel, which is host to a colossal chandelier (which has made a reputation of its own),… Continue reading

Maison Boulud

The Ritz-Carlton is without a doubt a renowned luxury world wide institution. As self rated over-hyped 5 stars restaurants have been popping up all over the city, the Ritz never had a reason to be… Continue reading

Ristorante Cavalli

Magnificent ambiance, superb music, out of this world clientele and trendy Miami style decor. Cavalli, Ristorante Cavalli, may proudly name itself “Ristorante” as their cuisine can be refer to as not only international… Continue reading

Le Bremner

Bremner is a Scottish name for someone from Brabant, in the Low Countries. It means the one who came from, or lived by the seashore. Well Montrealers, the Bremner has crossed the Atlantic… Continue reading

M sur Masson

On this street in Vieux-Rosemont, named in memory of the first French-Canadian millionaire, Joseph Masson, dwells a cozy local restaurant: M sur Masson. In this up and coming neighborhood, contemporary Québécois (pseudo-French) cuisine with… Continue reading


For more than 30 years, Milos has been bringing authentic Greek gastronomy not only to Montreal, but also, to other internationally known jet-setting cities such as New York, Miami and Las Vegas. Many… Continue reading

Garde Manger

When you become uninterested at the thought of going out for dinner to the same old restaurants, which all seem to be a variation of each other, no matter how innovative they claim… Continue reading

Suite 701

A number of years ago, the Place d’Armes hotel gave birth to a legendary room, actually more of a suite. Tucked in one of Old Montreal’s best kept historical buildings, the interior of… Continue reading

Queue de Cheval

Straight from the horse’s mouth … to its tail. Top notch decor that exhibits the way an old fashioned steakhouse should be represented. Take notes. However, customers beware. Queue de cheval might not only lead… Continue reading


Toqué! is considered to be the best fine-dining restaurant, serving eclectic cuisine  in a semi-formal environment. As some might be oblivious to the meaning of its name, it means crazy in French. As there is… Continue reading

40 Westt

May I have directions to the best steakhouse in town? Sure, you take the 40 Westt, you then sit back and enjoy the scenery. Buckle your seat belts as this might be an… Continue reading

Bar et Boeuf

First you have Bar, not the legal kind, not the counter on which one is serve drinks, not the association, not related with music …. bar as is in the yellow bass kind,… Continue reading


Have you been around? Have you been around the world? Well, you don’t have to pack your bags and cash out your life savings. You can just head to Globe. Right here in… Continue reading

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